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The Most Affordable Content Delivery Network (CDN), unlimited Bandwidth, a Customized Video Player Platform, Combined with FREE Perfect Video Content, It's Here.Social Media Distribution Channel

Powered by OnMarsMedia and 4u2c.tv - The Learn More Save More Network

(OnMarsMedia.com) “ Boonton, NJ Online video engages an audience and keeps people loyal and eager to return to a web site. OnMarsMedia.com studies have shown that a viewer will stay on a web page with video up to 3 minutes compared to 38 seconds without video. Other studies say that a banner ad placed above or beside a web video screen is 7 times more effective than a TV commercial and more than twice as effective as a stand alone web banner advertisement.  The conclusion is that video content and the platform to make it work, a Content Delivery Network (CDN), is not just essential for every web site but should be easily available on every page.


While only large media entities and fortune 500 companies may have the resources to afford a video Content Delivery Network, CDN, (price range- $500-$5,000 MONTHLY) the need for high priced, quality, production to engage a viewer or user cannot be discounted. Today, 4u2c.tv - The Learn More Save More Network introduced a concept that enables smaller budget firms to afford a turn-key customized web video solution and the ability for large companies to dramatically lower their budgets. For less than $90 per month (Select non-profits societies or associations are FREE), the Content Delivery Network (CDN) comes with unlimited bandwidth and already produced video production content within a customized web player. This simple and affordable solution for any size business follows in the steps of YOU TUBE but is different in that the Content is PERFECT and PROFESSIONAL quality. It is designed for use in education, commerce or to simply keep users to a web page. The player is branded or customized to specific company needs. A non technical company employee can either upload their own video content, simply access the perfect content video library or combine both options to control the videos inside the player (see live example).

Every web portal needs a solid video solution with valid content. Why? Besides truthful information, consumers demand that the video on the web site must actually work. Web portals that use a customized media player increase their brand loyalty. Most importantly, the viral experience is powerful and helps to further a purchase decision via an educational approach", said Paul G. Argen, Executive Producer of two consumer advocacy broadcast TV shows, Better Business News Journal (www.BBNJ.org) and MDTV Medical News Now (www.MDTVNEWS.com).


BBNJ and MDTV are broadcast on 56 TV Broadcast stations to 80 million people Nationwide. Argen is funded by these TV Broadcast Networks to produce medical news, business news and educational content. He decided to use this same content to offer and provide an online solution for FREE. The content online is powered through the OnMarsMedia content delivery network and the 4u2c.tv Learn More Save More Social Network platform for professionals. Each and every video clip is professionally produced and purposed in the spirit of Direct to Consumer Education (DTCE),  an acronym trademarked by Argen in 1998.


The customized player offers an affordable and  immediate video solution for any web site.  Every web site can now specifically bring forth their brand in a customized player with the right professional and educational tone. Since each and every player comes with unlimited bandwidth the players can be placed on multiple websites. "It is called socializing your video"says Argen. Each player comes with a social network sharing option to the most popular social networking sites. Madison Avenue experts have concluded that the social networking infrastructures, such as Facebook and Twitter, are here to stay and should be embraced by all entities. But Argen claims that caution should be taken so that confusion amongst the clutter on these sites do not occur. Professionals need the player and 4u2c.tv network to distinguish themselves on the social networks. The 4u2c.tv -Learn More Save More Network is a business to business and FREE to consumer networking site where professionals come together with local media partners to educate the community with validity. The Learn More Save More Network is therefore a perfect platform to offer consumers the comprehensive knowledge needed when making an educated purchasing decision. Most importantly, when content is posted to the social networks via the www.4u2c.tv Learn More Save More Platform a mark of distinction and quality is brought forth.

Local Media Outlets

The Content Delivery Network market share has grown last year from 800 million dollars to 1.2 billion dollars. There is no depression or recession in this sector. However, what amazed Argen is that vast majority of the CDN market share is derived from large media entities and fortune 500 companies. While his plan delivers an affordable option to all, it also enables his local media outlets to grow revenue by offering a CDN solution combined with his perfect content to their advertisers. This combination is a natural fit, since Local Media web portals are typically more prominent, they also can add value to the advertiser by offering the option of instant critical mass through web casting the custom players on the local media website. Additionally, these brands can reach a hyper-local audience. Large distributors in niche markets areas and web development companies are also planning to resell these players to their customers.

At maturity this affordable CDN option for small businesses should far surpass 1.2 billion dollars per year but current plans for OnMarsMedia is to provide about 1500 players per month in 2010. We have the capacity and infrastructure to produce 20,000 players in 2010" says Argen. What about sales? Our reseller sales force on the TV broadcast side of our business side is over 400 people strong.  Argen hopes that these experienced niche media category account executives will embrace reselling his CDN combined with perfect content web player option too. Anyone who desires a custom web player can call toll free 1-800-985-6388 to find a local reseller or click here and within 1 hour it will be ready for total cost of $1025 per year complete. Limited Non Profit organizations can enjoy the same benefit FREE of charge for their web portal pages. To enhance member relations, they also can give their members (FREE of Charge) the same web player for use on their site. The advantage is that this video solution is not just perfect for all web portal pages but with the unlimited bandwidth, it can be very viral and it is clearly advantageous to spread these players throughout the Internet. 

About MDTV Medical News Now-ON THE AIR NATIONWIDE: Since 1998 and in the spirit of patient and consumer advocacy, MDTV® and BBNJ strive to meet the goal of improving public health and consumer knowledge by providing TV broadcast stations and professionals with effective communication tools and intelligence based upon the principles of community leadership and Direct-To-Consumer-Education (DTCE). MDTV® Medical News Now, Inc. provides medical news and the BBNJ Better Business News Journal provides consumer information with a trusted platform of LOCAL professionals on Broadcast TV in the BEST Public Interest. This medical and consumer intelligence revolution is accomplished through the award-winning MDTV®  Medical News Now half-hour TV show specials, short form Medical Messages, MDTVNews.com, http://www.mdtvnews.com, public service announcements (PSA), Patient Profile and Medical Moments with exclusive TV broadcast partners and a multi-media approach. The BBNJ follows the same footprint:  Better Business News Journal half-hour TV show specials, short form Business Briefs, www.bbnj.org public service announcements (PSA), and long form Business Brief segments, for local professionals and consumers.
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