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The powerful reach of Broadcast Television combined with the targeted, interactive nature of our web channel, delivers a powerful "1-2 punch" that no other local media can match. We utilize the power of the top three Networks WCAV CBS19, WVAW ABC16, and WAHU FOX27 to drive viewers to for the latest news, weather, sports and consumer information.

What audience will I reach?

According to Forrester:

  • Your average Internet user is 46.6 years old (and rising)
  • 41% percent hold a college degree -- This demographic is decreasing.
  • Mean HH Income of the Internet user in 2003 is $64,063
  • Internet Broadband use is on the rise. Presently Broadband penetration has reached 23% of USHH
  • Americans over 55 years old with working-class incomes and middlebrow tastes are the fastest growing segment of Web newbies.

Why Advertise on

Who better to deliver a local audience than a trusted local brand? 74% of users go online for News, Weather and Sports information. Over half of all online users look for local information. Local content drives the Internet. delivers fully compatible local online video content!

  • Power of 3 Network Television stations.
  • The Internet utilizes the 9-5 hidden daypart.
  • The ability to reach people interactively ... while they are at work.
  • Convergent on-air/online packages
  • Association with highly trusted local brand
  • The ability to reach your target audience 24/7.
  • Performance-based marketing opportunities

Internet Quick Facts

"A significant part of the distribution of goods and services in this country is going to move from conventional channels to an Internet system -- whether it's retail goods or services." -- Alan Greenspan, Federal Reserve Chairman

Did you know...

  • 66% of the U.S. population, almost 137 million households, accessed the Internet in March 2002 (Harris Interactive)
  • 333.5 million e-mail accounts in the U.S. as of March, 2001. In 1998, there were 77 million accounts. (Messaging Online: Jupiter Communications)
  • 46% of American workers who surf the Net use it on the job for personal reasons. (Angus Reid Group)
  • 44 million Americans watch TV while surfing the Web. (Dataquest, June 2000)
  • By the 4th quarter of 2000, 68 million Internet users in the U.S. had purchased something online (up from 53 million in 1999) -- representing 55% of all Internet users (Boston Consulting Group, March 2001)
  • No medium has grown as fast as the Internet. It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million users. It took broadcast television 13 years and cable television 10 years. It has taken the Internet less than 5 years to reach that mark.

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